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Aprilaire 413 Air Filters

Aprilaire 413 Air Filters are designed exclusively by Aprilaire to work with Aprilaire Model 4400, Model 3410, and Model 2410 Air Purifiers. If you added the Upgrade Kit 1413 to your Aprilaire Model 2400 or Model 2140 you can also use the Aprilaire 413 Air Filters.

  • High-efficiency MERV 13 rating
  • Genuine Aprilaire Self-Seal™ #413 ensures the best performance
  • Change Aprilaire 413 Air Filters once a year
If you own an Aprilaire 3410 Air Purifier your event-based controller can also indicate when it’s time to change your Aprilaire 413 Air Filter.
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  • 413 Filter

    Posted by: KWL


    Despite the initially high cost of this filter, it does last a year or more as my contractor promised. The filter also seems to work well. This, coupled with Aprilaire's 10-year clean coil guarantee, make it a good value.

  • #413 filter

    Posted by: don


    works great like the new mount frame simple to use

  • Great Service

    Posted by: LJ in Michigan


    I originally bought the conversion kit for my furnace air filter from the web store and in buying the replacement media, I experienced the same efficient service. Got the media in a day less than estimated and it was a five minute installation. very satisfied.

  • Difficulty in replacing filter

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Building the frame goes smoothly. Trying to replace the new filter in the frame is time consuming and difficult. It is difficult to slide in the filter. I would much rather keep the old filter and spread it apart with the slicers, much easier to install and less expensive.

  • Fast & Easy

    Posted by: Sally


    The repairman from Sears recommended that I order the filters directly from Aprilaire. I did, and received them in a few days. They were easy to install, and I got a discount for buying two!!

  • good job

    Posted by: Cornelis Touw


    It was easy to order and the product arrived on time. Keep up the good work.

  • Aprilaire filter review

    Posted by: DJY


    Easy ordering. Prompt delivery. Would probalby like to see reminders about replaceing yearly via email. We all get busy and when its out of sight...its out of mind...

  • Works Great

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Well worth the money/upgrade.

  • Thoughts on Aprilaire Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Malena Burmeister


    I had no problem at all ordering my air filter, and it came right away. My problem is this, why is it so expensive? They say it's supposed to cut back on dust and you'll see a big improvement...I don't. They say these filters last a long time...they don't. I miss my old funace and my old filters that were very cheap and I could buy them at my local hardware.

  • media air cleaners

    Posted by: jdc


    product arrived in a timely manner and they were the ones ordered. All went well, would recommend highly. Thank you!

  • outstanding service

    Posted by: Scott


    I am really happy with the aprilaire cleaner

  • Fast & easy

    Posted by: Will Armendariz


    I was easily able to re-order furnace filter replacements by accessing the Aprilaire website. The filters were easy to find and easy to order at a reasonable price.

  • Media for Aprilaire Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Ray


    Very good filter, and I love ordering from the Aprilaire eStore because of its pricing, quality product, and fast delivery. I have been using Aprilaire products for a several years without any issues. Definetely recommend them.

  • Air filters

    Posted by: Diana


    Very fast shipping. Glad to find someone who had my size filters. I bought two since they offered free shipping. Will always get my filters from Aprilaire.

  • Immediate Delivery

    Posted by: Mike Stewart


    We alweays like to keep a spare filter available. As soon as I installed a new filter, and had none in reserve, I ordered 2 more. Easy to order, and they arrived in just a few days. Great service.

  • Money Saved

    Posted by: Kathleen Rutherford


    My son-in-law was able to install the Aprilaire Filter I ordered for my furnace, which saved me a lot of money compared to buying it a chain store and paying for installation by a professional. It was the proper filter and fit right and functions well. Thank you.

  • Excellent service

    Posted by: Shaun


    The response time and service was excellent. More vedors could learn from you.

  • Outstanding Service

    Posted by: Kathy


    Aprilaire always has my air cleaners in stock and ship the same day. The product quality is excellent.

  • Easy

    Posted by: RB


    Could not have been easier to order and install. Also got the discount for ordering 2.

  • Denise King

    Posted by: Anonymous


    I ordered product in the afternoon and received filters the next day. the service and shopping were great!

  • Satisfied Customer

    Posted by: Richard Horwath


    I just purchased a couple of replacement cleanears, #413 Media noted above. I was very satisfied with the reduced price for the purchase of two units, free shipping,and the extremely quick delivery.

  • aprilaire review

    Posted by: s kellogg


    Never a problem with you guys...good product, fast delivery! Thanks

  • Good service!

    Posted by: DJ


    Received item quickly and at good price. Thank you.!

  • air cleaners

    Posted by: rj


    I am really happy with the aprilaire cleaner. Easy installation and clean up of old filter as well.

  • 1/2/13

    Posted by: Marilyn Witko


    Thank You for your quick delivery of my Aprilaire air cleaners. Great service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fast, efficient service

    Posted by: jk in Monroeville, PA


    I ordered two replacement air cleaner filters online and received them in two days !

  • Five Stars for #413 Air Cleaners

    Posted by: bputman2006@comcast.net


    I enjoy dealing with Aprilaire directly because your service is excellent. Also, it is less expensive buying directly than going through my heating company. I would like to add that your personnel are very profennional and at the same time, they make me feel like I am an old friend. Thank you

  • Hassle-Free Transaction

    Posted by: Scott


    I ordered two #413 Media Air Cleaners and I was very satisfied with the entire transaction. I'll definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks!

  • #413 Air Cleaner Filter

    Posted by: Dan


    Since I converted over from the one that had all of the fingers - It is a snap to change the filter. What use to take me 1/2 hour is now done in five minutes. Great product and great filter. Thanks

  • Response to your request

    Posted by: Clyde Bingham


    Happy with the filter, but..... Moved into the house w/furnace installed using this filter. I think is is very expensive for a non reusable filter. In my previous home I had a reusable filter that worked great that cost just 50% more than 1 #413. I had the reusable filter for the 8 years I lived in that house.

  • 12/5/12

    Posted by: customer


    5 Gold Stars!!!

  • 413 Replacement Media Filter

    Posted by: MHD


    No problems from ordering to installation. Definitely will order again.

  • Media replacement

    Posted by: Rui


    Easy replacement

  • Review

    Posted by: Edward Gazzano


    Everything was very satisfactory. Arrived in a timely fashion, well packaged and in good condition. Installed the filter at my usual scheduled time in November for the winter.

  • Air filter

    Posted by: Tom Maybin


    Great service ... As always.

  • Aprilaire filters

    Posted by: RKJ


    Very happy with service and product.

  • Good Service

    Posted by: Bill


    Had some initial problem with logging on to site but after calling help desk, all problems were resolved.

  • 4:00 PM EST

    Posted by: E. Gorenflo


    The filters are great and really do the job. The only problem was, the last time I ordered the replacements, I was sent the (2) filters in an upgrade box instead of the regular box as they usually are shipped in. Since no comment accompanied the material, I thought that it was the upgrade which I already had. Wrong! After naking arragements to send the box back I was told that the company ran out of regular cartons to package them in and substituted the other style box. Net, net... I am now the proud owner of four (4) filter cartriges and not two. Poor communication.

  • You neee more than once a year

    Posted by: John S. Ballwin, MO


    Easier to replace now but you will find you will replace this filter twice a year.

  • Aprilaire #413 Filter Media

    Posted by: lesmith07@gmail.com


    I'm happy with the product; they appear to last a full year (coincides with my annual furnace cleaning and inspection), and appear to capture a lot of dust, etc. However, the box the filter came in was in less than new condition; and I'm referring to the internal box. I requested a shipment of two, and received them both in one shipment. The "outside" box was fine, but one of the inside boxes was somewhat beaten. The filter element appeared to be fine, and that's the one I had the HVAC technician install.

  • Aprilaire products and service

    Posted by: Gene Jorgenson


    As usual, the product and speed of getting the product form Aprilaire is excellent. Why would I ever want to go any place else.

  • Purchase Aprilaire

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Excellent customer service and received my 2 aprilaire cleaners sooner than expected.

  • Fast, accurate delivery

    Posted by: Phillip


    Delivered before the estimated shipping date!

  • Very Goodf`

    Posted by: John - Pennsylvania


    Performance is very good - no problems. This is our second yearly purchase since our new furnace was installed. Will continue to buy Aprilaire.

  • A great Improvement

    Posted by: Hank


    These are much easier to install than the older filters they replaced in this upgrade.

  • Mr

    Posted by: PGC


    Very satisfied with the air cleaners I've ben using for six years

  • First time online customer

    Posted by: Kevin


    Very happy with the upgrade. Easy installation. Fast delivery. Will order again.

  • Homeowner

    Posted by: Mr Ress


    Great filter! Really does the job. Wish the website would ship other cheaper options......

  • Aprilaire Filter Replacement

    Posted by: A. C. Hammer


    This was the 2nd time we have replaced the filter ourselves and all went well. The instructions are easy to follow and we had no problems at all. We love our air cleaner!

  • #413 Aprilaife Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Fred W Kuhn


    We have had Aprilaire for several years and are very pleased with this wonderful system of clean pure air for our home. Thank you Aprilair.

  • comment on filter

    Posted by: M. Goto


    The filter works great and we enjor great furnace performance. This is a very good product.

  • #413 Media

    Posted by: TF


    Happy that I installed this. Great customer service

  • #413 Media Air Cleaner

    Posted by: RR


    Great quality filter and easy to insert.

  • Great Product

    Posted by: Bill


    Great product and service. Works exactly as advertised. Something I can truly install and forget for a year before replacing. Thanks.

  • it's all good!

    Posted by: Anonymous



  • Not what I thought

    Posted by: AngeloS


    I was under the impression that it would take me 10 seconds to change the new filter. It took me over 20 seconds to get it done... ~ Just kidding! I am very pleased that Aprilaire created this upgraded version. It's easier to work with and does a better job cleaning the air flow. I would suggest a discounted 2 or 3 pak of filters so I would have more incentive to have a spare on hand.

  • happy with service and product

    Posted by: d.poulter


    Ordering process was a breeze. Arrived ahead of scheduled delivery date- which may me very happy. Will definitely order again in the future. Thank you Aprilaire.

  • On time and easy to install

    Posted by: Debbie L.


    I called to order a replacement filter, the customer service rep was great, the filter arrived when they said it would and it was easy to install. Thank You.

  • #413 Media

    Posted by: Greg


    Excellent phone order service and very fast delivery. Filter was easy to install.

  • Awesome Aprilaire Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Howard from Philly


    Great sales and service and they also answered all of my stupid questions on the telephone.

  • No more seasonal allergy

    Posted by: Garden State of New Jersey resident


    Great help with my seasonal allergy.

  • #413 media for air cleaner

    Posted by: JAO


    No problems with order. air cleaner works well

  • Convenient

    Posted by: T. Clevenger


    Prompt and.professional.

  • Should have changed sooner!

    Posted by: Tom


    Whew! Shame on me for not keeping track of the change date -- the old filter was dirty! The new #413 arrived quickly and was changed out in 5 minutes. Thanks!

  • thank you

    Posted by: C Ross


    Received filters quickly, easy to install, delighted!

  • Reminder

    Posted by: JDL


    Super product, good price and free shipping, but best of all is an annual reminder that my filters need changing. Thanks for the assist.

  • Easy to Install

    Posted by: LynnO


    This makes changing filter so easy.

  • Great Service

    Posted by: Ginger in Texas


    I have been doing business with Aprilaire for a few years now. The web site is easy to get around, never a problem. When I have left questions, I have always gotten a prompt answer back. I have always had a quick delivery. I am very satisfied with their service.

  • Happiness

    Posted by: Peter Wyllie


    Fast and competent phone service

  • 5/04/12 @ 14:45

    Posted by: Ed of Severn


    The process is simple and the saving $$$ at the same time is a good thing.

  • Opinion

    Posted by: T Coty


    I have had no problems with ordering online from Aprilaire. They are efficient, quick to respond and my product was here in a few days.

  • Filters

    Posted by: Thom - Ohio


    Thanks for your timely response to mny order.

  • order from aprilaire

    Posted by: arthur


    could not be easier and received order in two days

  • Survey Feedback

    Posted by: Richard Horwath


    We were satisfied with the service and product on our recent order.

  • lightning fast shipping!

    Posted by: momeditor


    This is the third or fourth time I have ordered our replacement filters, and they always arrive the next day! Awesome!

  • Aprilaire system

    Posted by: John


    Excellent air cleaner. We run the system automatically every 30 min. We have much less dust lying on surfaces throughout the house compared to our old furnace filter system.

  • 3-Apr-12

    Posted by: Paul Dudash


    Superior product, pricing and purchase process; 2nd to none.

  • Product Review

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Item was received in excellent condition, and was installed in minutes. I'm completely satisfied, and I will order again, when the time comes.

  • replacement filter

    Posted by: nancy


    boy did this ship fast! I ordered two so I would have an extra for next year. Great replacement. Easy to install. Works great.

  • fast service

    Posted by: dbacab@comcast.net


    Great service! I received my order the next day!!

  • Ordered 413 replacement filters

    Posted by: Roland Onorato


    Very satisfied with the courteous service & quick receipt of the shipment.

  • perfect fit

    Posted by: I have elephantitis


    Great service!

  • owner

    Posted by: Anonymous


    shipping was fast and product was on time

  • 413 filter easy to install

    Posted by: Karen


    It's much nicer than the 401 with. The a comb-like separators.

  • Replacement type filters

    Posted by: O.M. Goodman


    Good easy to change filter.


    Posted by: KLO


    wonderful product, excellent service,packaging with filters received. Have never had a problem. Wonderful team to you should proud of!

  • Back Ups

    Posted by: Gail


    I replace my filters twice a year and have two systems. I find these filters to be quite expensive for how they are made, and what they are made with. But, I'm stuck using them because there is no alternative. They do work to catch to dust and dirt so I am divided on my rating.

  • Aprilaire 413 replacement filter

    Posted by: ACH


    No trouble at all with installation. Stay with genuine parts and you will not go wrong!

  • Replacement Filter Media 413

    Posted by: JAO


    Order entry, shipment, and installation no problem. lower price than if you buy from HVAC contractor and very easy to install.

  • Thank you for have a well staffed purchasing system

    Posted by: Robert C. Cox


    I was very well pleased when the product I ordered arrived so promptly.

  • happy customer

    Posted by: clyde bingham


    The quality of the materials and the ease of use of the filter makes for a more dust free house as we heat thru the California winter. Just wish there was a reuseable version that could be hosed down and reused, as I have expericenced with other furnace filters. Price for a dispoable filter is painfully high.

  • Potential Buyer Beware

    Posted by: John Sullivan


    The operation and ease of use of the new model lived up to the billing. However, the filter still needed to be replaced after six months, like the old one, yet costs 40% more. This did not live up to it's billing.

  • 413 Replacement Filter

    Posted by: Pat S.


    Received the replacement filter in good time. This replacement filter is easy to install, so we are very pleased.

  • homeowner

    Posted by: Brian


    estore had crashed and link to it is slow but easy once in.

  • 413 Replacement

    Posted by: jackie


    Easy to order, fast delivery.

  • Filter Media

    Posted by: Ray S.


    Arrived on time, same good service as in the past. No problem with the product.

  • Aprilaire 413 filters for HVAC unit

    Posted by: Gary Nielsen


    Since getting our new system with Aprilaire filtration system, we feel our alergies have been less a problem.

  • Great company

    Posted by: swinglefty


    Easy to order and fast shipping. I get my replacement filters from them every time.

  • 413 Replacement

    Posted by: Richard


    Haven't installed the filter yet. Delivery was great - right to my door. Don't expect any problwm in changing the filter.

  • Review

    Posted by: RB


    Everything Received on-time. assembly was easy. Thanks!

  • 413 Replacement Filter Media

    Posted by: Ken Moehling


    Quick and easy, It's a very good Air Cleaner and easy to install.

  • Review

    Posted by: Consumer


    Good Service. Easy to replace.

  • simple and wonderful service

    Posted by: Susan K.


    When it gets to be that time of the year, my thoughts turn to Aprilaire. I make the call and a few days later I am breathing fresh air again! Susan K.

  • 413 Replacement Filter by Aprilaire

    Posted by: Susan


    It was the most convienent and fastest service I've used. The website is user friendly and the product was received the very next day. Easy to install. Great overall experience, we'll shop here again and recommend it to others.


    Posted by: KO



  • Filter

    Posted by: Mike Chase


    Thanks for great service and turn around

  • 413 Replacement Media

    Posted by: atjackman@verizon.net


    The FedEX person left it on my stoop by the front door and when I returned it was waiting for me. I believe it is exactly the same model as I had before. Thank you very much.

  • somewhat expensive but good quality

    Posted by: Robert


    I received the above product for our Aprilaire air cleaner. The product fit like a glove in the opening designed for it. The quality of the filter media appears to be of a very good quality. I have a Lennox furnace that operates year round, heating and cooling and I would say about a year or a complete cycle is adequate for filter replacement...

  • Good service

    Posted by: Pat S


    As always a helpful person took my order and even with free shipping my order came within a few days. The filters are packaged well and easy to use. Please keep us informed os specials! Thanks

  • Online purchase of Aprilaire Filter

    Posted by: Anonymous


    Excellent service.

  • Air Filter Replacement

    Posted by: A. March


    Great service had my previous order info which was very helpful in re ordering quick and easy Thanks so much

  • Excellent Service

    Posted by: Kathy


    Aprilaire had the replacement filter I needed in stock and it was delivered the next day.

  • review

    Posted by: klo


    great product, always packed well, free shipping is a plus when offered a these filters are pricey

  • Purchasing our new filters

    Posted by: Lisa Sterlace


    The air filters were very easy to find on your site, and to match up for our new furnace. Shipping was quick. I pleased with every aspect of our purchase. Thank You!!

  • Satisfied customer

    Posted by: Spenglish


    Quality service adn product. New filter installled in seconds vs several minutes for the old type.

  • wrong order

    Posted by: Ron


    I was very satisfied when I recently placed an order for the wrong filter. I was sent 2 of the correct filters and was told to donate the wrong filter to a "good cause." Thank you! Ron

  • Great Service in shipping items

    Posted by: Rc


    Satisfied customer as mt replacemet filter was shipped fast.

  • First time buyer

    Posted by: Mike from Baltimore


    Great transaction. Placed my order on Saturday and had my filters midweek. Free shipping on 2 was nice as well. Eliminates mark-up from HVCA companies.

  • general

    Posted by: Michael Breinich


    I ordered the replacement media online. NO problem to report with ordering, shipping, or products. Thank You. I ordered online because I did not know where to buy locally. Online is how I expect to purchase the next time I need replacement media

  • Replacement filter

    Posted by: eileen schmidt


    I was disappointed after spending several hundred $$$ for a special germ killing lamp that your filter cannot tolerate it and I am left to leave it unplugged and just sitting in my vent. Are you going to have another filter that will allow the ultra violet light? It should have been indicated in your ad.

  • replacement filters

    Posted by: gail


    While the new filter is much easier to set up than the old oneI have a much harder time finding the groove to slide it into the machine

  • Replacement filters are a dream

    Posted by: Steve Baker


    Love the new design... far easier than sitting in a hot attic fiddling with the plastic separators. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes... at that was for two units! We love the Aprilaire unit... Our house always feels fresh at the perfect humidity.

  • 413 replacement filter review

    Posted by: Ronald Grefe


    Selling service was 5 star. Filter works fine.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Posted by: C. Schrader


    Received the filters with no delay. Customer service is very good.

  • Aprilaire Air Cleaners 413 Replacement

    Posted by: pbalevre@comcast.net


    Excellent product and makes a big difference in AC efficiency; easy to install; lasts two years; Arrived promptly.

  • 413 Replacement Filter and Aprilaire

    Posted by: Ginger


    I have ordered from Aprilaire before. The site is easy to get around. The product is very good, you get exactly what you expect. The product is always delivered in a timely manner. I have never had a bad experience with this company.

  • 413 Replacement Filter Media

    Posted by: Fran8678


    This newer replacement filter media is very easy to install. The older type filter was okay, but a bit time consuming to line up the spacers in the pleats when replacing. Now it is simple, easy, and very quick to change out the filter on my Aprilaire Air Cleaner; I highly recommend this upgrade.

  • Filter Media

    Posted by: Pete P.


    The filter media for our Aprilaire Air Cleaner arrived ahead of the scheduled time. As in the past, we are extremely pleased with the product and will highly recommend it to anyone who owns a similar air cleaner.

  • 413 Replacement

    Posted by: Nancy


    Easy to replace and a breeze putting in the filter, worth the money to upgrade!


    Posted by: TOM



  • filter

    Posted by: alzip


    great service

  • new filter type

    Posted by: Anonymous


    The new type filter is quicker to install than the old type.

  • Replacement Filter Media for Aprilaire Air Cleaners

    Posted by: Steve Blumberg, Olive Branch, Mississippi


    Order ID#: 1000857500 Order Date: 08/18/2010 I replace my filters in January, 2011. I was previously informed that these filters last 2 years, but I think they should probably be change more frequently, judging from the appearance of the filters I replaced. They are very easy to replace, which is a very big plus.

  • Disappointing

    Posted by: BK


    Aprilaire incentived me to replace my 2400 filters with these new style replacement filters. Due to the less surface area, they last only 3 months as opposed to the 6 months of the previous filters. Thankfully I didn't throw out the old unit and spacer bars...I'm going back to the 2400 (and my heating guys not only recommend the older filters, they use them at home as well).

  • 413 replacement filters

    Posted by: JLB


    Only way to order filters. Delivered to my house. Great!

  • Easy Installation

    Posted by: tbauman


    Much easier to install than old filter. Very satisfied.

  • good service

    Posted by: a satisfied customer


    web site good, no problems ordering.

  • 413 replacement media

    Posted by: C. Schrader


    Very fast delivery Much easier yo install than old media.

  • great company

    Posted by: mjenkins


    Great product...arrived quickly and correct.

  • 413 Replacement Filter

    Posted by: DJP


    A very good product. Easy to order. Easy to install. Good quality media. I've used other HEPA filters and these are by far the best!

  • Allergies

    Posted by: Happy


    This filter has saved me from my winter allergies. The new replacement is easy to install. I'm so pleased I had this system added to my heat pump.

  • 413 Replacement Filter

    Posted by: Ginger


    I have ordered both this filter and the up-grade kit. This site is very easy to get around and order from. The product comes in a timely manner and in good condition. I will keep doing business with them.

  • 413 Replacement

    Posted by: bonnie c


    Filter arrived promptly and was easy to install.

  • Excellent

    Posted by: Matthew Brophy


    Great Product

  • New 413 Filter Much Faster To Install

    Posted by: Bruce


    The new 413 filter is much faster and easier to install than the old 401 filter. I put in the 1413 Upgrade Kit for my model 2400 to use model 2410 filters and it just took 10 minutes or so. Now, I don't have to disassemble a filter unit, get fiberglass on my hands, get the combs aligned, etc. Just unbox the new filter and slide it in! Good design!

  • Feedback

    Posted by: Don Hodgman


    Excellent product. I was disappointed that I had to pay full price even though I purchased two. A short time later you ran specials at significant lower price.

  • review

    Posted by: Chuck


    great products easy to use web site fast service will use them again. thanks

  • replacement filters

    Posted by: Anonymous


    excellent service.

  • 413 filter order

    Posted by: SCagliostro


    Very easy ordering, fast turn around, easy to install

  • Aprilaire Filters

    Posted by: jim


    great product...well made and works well. Great service also.

  • Feedback

    Posted by: C. Peter Wyllie


    Your order taking and delivery were superb performances. Thank you!

  • 413 Replacement Filter Media

    Posted by: John D Little


    Easy ordering process. A very helpful customer service representative helped me make changes after my initial order was placed to take advantage of bulk shipping. Personalized service by good people makes a huge difference.